Audio Communications Consultants Inc.(ACCI) was originally started by Walter L. Wilhelm Jr. and Mike Ciaramitaro. Walter took over the business in 1973, and kept the Audio Communications Consultants Inc. name as it was already well known in the industry at the time.

Sound Systems

Our sound systems deliver crystal-clear audio, perfect for events, venues, and presentations. Experience premium sound quality with our professional equipment.

Sound systems are the heartbeat of any event, venue, or gathering. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we bring exceptional audio quality to concerts, conferences, and homes alike. Immerse yourself in the power of crystal-clear sound that elevates every experience.

  • Crisp audio solutions
  • Professional sound equipment
  • Immersive audio experiences
  • Sound systems for all venues
  • High-quality audio production

Video Systems

Elevate your visual experiences with our cutting-edge video systems. From displays to conferencing solutions, we deliver high-definition visuals for every need.

Visual storytelling takes center stage in the digital age. Our video systems redefine the way you see and share information. From immersive displays that captivate audiences to video conferencing solutions that bridge distances, we empower you to communicate with clarity and impact.

  • Cutting-edge video displays
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Visual communication excellence
  • High-definition video production
  • Video systems for any application

School Intercom Systems

Safety and communication are paramount. Our intercom systems offer secure, two-way communication, ensuring seamless connectivity and access control for your peace of mind.

Communication is the cornerstone of safety and efficiency in today’s world. Our intercom systems provide seamless connections in K-12 & upper education establishments,  ensuring you’re always in touch when it matters most. Experience peace of mind with secure and reliable intercom solutions.

  • Secure communication networks
  • Access control and safety
  • Two-way intercom solutions
  • Intercoms for seamless connections
  • Modern intercom technology